Tuesday, May 11, 2010

screencast take two

This is my screencast I made about login and using facebook. While deciding what to use as my subject, my mother called me on the phone. The reason for her call was to ask me a few questions about starting her facebook. My mom has been an educator for as long as I have been alive. So her call is what lead me to my idea. To most people facebook is easy as breathing. HOwever to some older adults it may be a little confusing. So my screencast is just a simple step by step cast about how to long into facebook and and how to move around in it. I really enjoyed this assginment, however I need to practice in screencasting before using it in the classroom. WHich I plan to do so, because this can be an awesome tool for students.

The Wizard of What???

This video was very informative. I really enjoyed how this was delivered. The Wizard of Apps was a bit long, but i did learn alot of new information. Leaving a good ditgal footprint is very important to me. I didn't know how to check what information was out there. I'm glad now I know about 123people, and pple. It said that just simply googling your name is not enough. I had never heard about alot of the cites mentioned in this video. I will use majority of them somewhere in my teaching. I think the mind map is an awesome webcite for students to brainstorm. Also the teachers are able to see their progress. I will also make sure my students know that just googling a subject and staying on the first page is not enough. First they must do a vertical search, then a horizontal search, and last a mind map. A mind map search will allow the students to see much more information pertaining to their topic.
I plan to use the google news time line in my classroom also. This will be extremely helpful when students need information about a certain event or person. A couple things that I want to look more into are: WolframeAlpha, GIGO, RSS feeds.

WHen I went to the tool website I was very pleased with what I saw. I didn't just visit one area. I went to: RSS, How to make an avitar, best for best practices for literacy education. I learned alot on all these sites. I made the main website a favorite on my browser. The ultility was awesome on all the ones I looked at. Each one has a step by step instruction.

Digiteen take 2

In this video, Digiteen, I most liked the little video on texting while driving. I am a believer in not texting while driving. However sometimes I do participate in this activity. I was shocked by the information that was compared to DUIs. More wrecks are caused by texting rather that driving drunk. WHen the students were learning about social networking, it made me become anixous about my photos that are online. I don't think any of mine are inappropriate. However it still made me worry. I will try to remember this for when I am a teacher. There is alot about online acitvty that students need to be warned and taught about. I agree with the students that having internet in the classrooms is a must. This allows the students to stay connect with different groups overseas. For example in the case wikispaces. I am thankful that Wes taught us about picture theft. It is a big deal and even this video mentions it. This is a topic that students probably don't think before they act. This video shows the overall importance of online activity and that students are willing to take the time to learn about it.

Project learning take 2

While watching the project learning video I was reminded of a non-fiction book that I read not to long age. The book was Chasing Vermeer. The teacher in this book had views about education that relates to the project based learning. I think I is an awesome program. I love how it engages the students to think critically about subjects that they are interested in. ONe student said that it has opened her horizens!! This is a whole new aspect of hand on learing for sure. THe students are collaborating in such a way that is not common in the normal classroom. ONe of the administrators said that this type of learning has been around since Piaget. However Piaget didn't have the technology advances as we have today!!!!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

unit plan

Here is my unit plan. I am very excited about it!! I have been stressing over this last assignment. I feel relieved for it to be completed. Please take a look at my unit plan on insects.

Monday, May 3, 2010

Petcha Kutcha

I think insects are so interesting. I picked this topic for my petcha kuchta in order for my unit plan. I wanted to intergrade this petcha kuchta/voicethread into my unit plan. This way I can prove that I have learned how to intergrate the curriculum form our t4t class. There is about forty facts about insects. This is centered for thrid graders, so please keep in mind the curriclum is aimed for young children.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Smart Sam reflection

Watching this video about a thirteen year of girl named Sam made me realize how much I don't know about technology. However I did learn from this young girl. Everyone has to learn sometime and somehow. Sam learns new networks by trial and error. She said that she just goes until she messes up and then do again til she gets it right. I have never played world of war craft but it looks very fun and interesting. I guess if kids are into it, I need to get into it also. I love how Sam's mother used her daughter as a resource at the university. I am going to try to get more involved in technology. This will benefit my students and myself. She was so creative in alot of different areas. I also think it is important that Sam still went outside to take care of her dogs. With all the new technology out there alot of kids are staying inside on the computers. I will always remember to stress the importance of sunshine.