Sunday, May 2, 2010

Smart Sam reflection

Watching this video about a thirteen year of girl named Sam made me realize how much I don't know about technology. However I did learn from this young girl. Everyone has to learn sometime and somehow. Sam learns new networks by trial and error. She said that she just goes until she messes up and then do again til she gets it right. I have never played world of war craft but it looks very fun and interesting. I guess if kids are into it, I need to get into it also. I love how Sam's mother used her daughter as a resource at the university. I am going to try to get more involved in technology. This will benefit my students and myself. She was so creative in alot of different areas. I also think it is important that Sam still went outside to take care of her dogs. With all the new technology out there alot of kids are staying inside on the computers. I will always remember to stress the importance of sunshine.

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  1. Hi Monica,

    Thanks for your comment on our blog! We're glad you like it. We think it's a lot of fun to do and we love it when people read it and leave us comments.

    It's almost Winter here. It's getting a little cooler now, but it's still nice outside. It never gets below freezing here, so winters are not as cold as they can be in America!

    Thanks again for commenting! Good luck with your studies.

    Love Mrs N and The Smarties