Saturday, January 30, 2010

Comments and links

I am getting closer to finishing week two. Thanks goodness, I'm seeing a light at the end of the tunnel. Even though it's the third week of school. I'm talking about seeing the light of being able to complete my course work for each week.

I did comment on two childrens blogs. However my comments have not been accepted yet. Hopefully soon they will. The first blog I commented on was Room #3 learning Journey. I'm really excited to see if I will be able to chat with the students. Room4's 2009 is another bloggong site that I post a comment on. I'm waiting for the teacher to approve my post. They are in New Zealand. I think they just had there summer break. The students are going back on Feruary 5, 2010. I also commented o two of our classmates blogs. The post was a reflection about sex education and how the video she watch was not meeting Rbenge standards. I totally agreed with her opinion. The other blog that I commented on was about the Cameron video. Tiffany Edwards was the publisher.

Nafiza Knows All

As I watched the video: there are many ideas that I took away from it. I think its awesome how she helps the students use video games for educational purposes. For example the camps that the students can create for that country not only help them explore technology but also allow them to learn about that country. All the race issues and border issues with countries alnog side. I think its awesome that one girl can make such the difference. Nafiza even had the chance to judge the sites that were created.

I couldnt relate to the Digital Generation Youth Vidoe: Nafiza in some aspect, but I could in others. I do use my iPhone for an alarm clock. Also my iPod touch is always in my back pocket as well. I frequently check the status of my friends on face book as does Nafiza. I do agree with her in the fact that it is important to invovle the youth in technology. Specially when it contains material that will create a learning expirence. I love how she was able to help students cut certian clips. She hepled them with many other iems that has to do with the material. I admire her for her skills, and I too would hope I could do as she has done. Teaching students how to use certain aspects of technology.

As I admirred Nafiza and what she did. I contemplated if I would be able to do as she does. Mostly my answer was a big NO. I need to learn more about this new digtal age that we live in. My future students will be more inclined to learn if technology was in the classroom. It changes the whole persepective on teaching. I love it and I want to use it. I just need to know how to use it!!!!!

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Take a peek!!! WOW!!!

Watching the twenty minute video was such an eye opening event. I had no idea that a group of six year old could handle that amount of technology. That was the most shockong thing about the video. Six year olds know more about blogging than I do. I'm ashamed. Bravo to the teacher for her dedication in her classroom. You can tell teh students benefit from the exercises in the classroom. Another take away moment was when I realized that every subject area involed either a white board or the computer. Amazing!!!

This teacher that takes the time to do all the preparation is my idol. I want to strive to adopt her characteristics in my future classroom. Now I know it is possible to bring tech. in every grade. Kindergaten through high school. Everyone can learn from this way of teaching. The students in the class were not only learning the curriculm, they were learning how to blog and use the computer and white boards. WRLT- means we are learning to; everytime this showed up on the screen it was an indication tha t the students were learning how to use technology.

I do have a major concern with the classroom in the video. I know that the days in a classroom are numbered. Every minute counts when dealing with children and thier learning. The activites seemed to take alot of time. How in the world was she juggling time? The children had to blog daily, see how many followers there were over night or over the weekend. There was many other things the students had to take care of. With all the stresses of the teacher to cover certain materials, how would I incorporate everything. It seems that I would have to have extreme time crunches in the class room

Wednesday, January 13, 2010


After viewing the video of Cameron, there was many things I took away after watching. First and most important is that we as adults take for granted the possible of children knowing more than us in this new digital age. We need to let the children explore in order for them to teach themsevles. Teachers often are scared to try new technolgy in their classroom. Cameron many times helped his teachers through trouble shooting things. I realized in the video to allow children to help me in the classroom. Teachers should not feel threaten by techonlogy. I will use this in my own teaching. I will allow children in my classroom to get online and use their skills to advance them in this new age of technolgy.

Info about Monca2oldham

My name is Monica Oldham. I am a jr. here at school. I am very excited to graduate with my elementary education degree. The people in my life that are very important to me are as follows: My husband, Steven, my children, Haleigh and Jackson. Haleigh is six turning seven in next month. Jackson is only six months. The most difficult thing for me being in school is being away from Jackson during the day. I have always wanted to teach children. My family is filled with educators. My mother, grandfather, uncle, great grandmother have enjoyed teaching there entire lives. I plan on following their footsteps and shaping young mind as they did. Good luck to everyone!!!!! -monica