Thursday, January 28, 2010

Take a peek!!! WOW!!!

Watching the twenty minute video was such an eye opening event. I had no idea that a group of six year old could handle that amount of technology. That was the most shockong thing about the video. Six year olds know more about blogging than I do. I'm ashamed. Bravo to the teacher for her dedication in her classroom. You can tell teh students benefit from the exercises in the classroom. Another take away moment was when I realized that every subject area involed either a white board or the computer. Amazing!!!

This teacher that takes the time to do all the preparation is my idol. I want to strive to adopt her characteristics in my future classroom. Now I know it is possible to bring tech. in every grade. Kindergaten through high school. Everyone can learn from this way of teaching. The students in the class were not only learning the curriculm, they were learning how to blog and use the computer and white boards. WRLT- means we are learning to; everytime this showed up on the screen it was an indication tha t the students were learning how to use technology.

I do have a major concern with the classroom in the video. I know that the days in a classroom are numbered. Every minute counts when dealing with children and thier learning. The activites seemed to take alot of time. How in the world was she juggling time? The children had to blog daily, see how many followers there were over night or over the weekend. There was many other things the students had to take care of. With all the stresses of the teacher to cover certain materials, how would I incorporate everything. It seems that I would have to have extreme time crunches in the class room

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