Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Info about Monca2oldham

My name is Monica Oldham. I am a jr. here at school. I am very excited to graduate with my elementary education degree. The people in my life that are very important to me are as follows: My husband, Steven, my children, Haleigh and Jackson. Haleigh is six turning seven in next month. Jackson is only six months. The most difficult thing for me being in school is being away from Jackson during the day. I have always wanted to teach children. My family is filled with educators. My mother, grandfather, uncle, great grandmother have enjoyed teaching there entire lives. I plan on following their footsteps and shaping young mind as they did. Good luck to everyone!!!!! -monica

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  1. Our family is filled with educators too. Both my wife's parents are retired teachers, my wife was an elementary teacher, her sister was an elementary teacher and is now an elementary librarian, and her aunt is an elementary librarian. My mom was an elementary teacher too. It is amazing how teaching seems to run in the blood of some families!